Our Goal is to Control!
Mission Statement

Vone Research's goal is to educate the general public on the havoc lionfish are causing to our fragile coral reef ecosystems, and to unite the entire dive community and our government's environmental agencies to come together to devise a plan to control the impact of this exotic invasive species.
We have started a grassroots Lionfish Education, Management and Control Program which includes all stakeholders working together for the same common goal, to actively manage and control the impact this exotic invasive will have on our marine environment in the Atlantic Ocean.

Our other goals include:

*   To devise and implement a 'Lionfish Management Plan' to actively manage and control the impact
     the lionfish will have on our coral reef ecosystem.

*   To educate the entire dive community on safe handling and eradication techniques, as well as
     properly documenting and monitoring their actions.

*   To produce a safe yet inexpensive spear and lionfish collection bag to help in the eradication

*   To work with commercial restaurants and dive boat operators to find ways they can benefit from the
     this process.

*   To get an exception added to the Florida fishing license that will exclude lionfish, so no license will
     be required.

*   To organize lionfish rodeo fishing tournaments while having fun in the process.
Vone Research Mission Statement at www.LionfishHunters.org
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