Lionfish Photos

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Photos of Lionfish Taken by Local Divers

These photos were taken by local divers off the Southeast Florida coast. We have separated them into two categories: Lionfish in the Wild and Lionfish Kill Shots.

Lionfish in the Wild are photos of live lionfish taken in the Atlantic Ocean.

Lionfish Kill Shots are very graphic photos of lionfish which have been speared.

Lionfish In The Wild

These photos were taken of lionfish in our South Florida waters by our local dive community.

Each photo has a brief description of where they were taken and by whom.

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Lionfish Kill Shots


These photos were taken of lionfish that have been speared and are very graphic, so if seeing photos of dead lionfish offends you…

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For consideration on posting your photos to this site, please submit your .jpg photos with a brief description of each lionfish, body size, your name, group affiliation (if any), date of sighting, water depth, approximate location of where they were photographed, and eradication details (if applicable). When submitting multiple photos, please label which description goes with which photo.

All photos can be submitted to for consideration.