About Lionfish Hunters

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Mission Statement

Vone Research’s goal is to educate the general public on the havoc lionfish are causing to our fragile coral reef ecosystems, and to unite the entire dive community and our government’s environmental agencies to come together to devise a plan to control the impact of this exotic invasive species.
We have started a grassroots Lionfish Education, Management and Control Program which includes all stakeholders working together for the same common goal, to actively manage and control the impact this exotic invasive will have on our marine environment in the Atlantic Ocean.

Pterois Miles
Pterois Radiata
photo of Lionfish in the wild

Our other goals include:

  • To devise and implement a ‘Lionfish Management Plan’ to actively manage and control the impact the lionfish will have on our coral reef ecosystem.
  • To educate the entire dive community on safe handling and eradication techniques, as well as properly documenting and monitoring their actions.
  • To produce a safe yet inexpensive spear and lionfish collection bag to help in the eradication process. 
  • To work with commercial restaurants and dive boat operators to find ways they can benefit from the this process.
  • To get an exception added to the Florida fishing license that will exclude lionfish, so no license will be required.
  • To organize lionfish rodeo fishing tournaments while having fun in the process.

Our Research Team

Although there are dozens of members who participate in different aspects of Vŏnē Research, Inc., we would like for you to meet the core members of the Vŏnē Research team. These are the people who have volunteered countless hours and have devoted many years to making a difference in our ocean. Be sure to thank them for their dedication and continued efforts!

Stephen Attis
Stephen AttisVŏnē President
Robert Glanville
Robert GlanvilleVŏnē Secretary
Scott Cravens
Scott CravensVŏnē Treasurer
Dr. Randy Brooks
Dr. Randy BrooksPhD Biology / Diver
Joe Mancino
Joe MancinoSafety Coordinator
Daniel Donato
Daniel DonatoCrew Member
Todd Guarnieri
Todd GuarnieriCrew Member
Heidi Decher
Heidi DecherDiver
Joey Mancino
Joey MancinoDiver
Barbara Delmoral
Barbara DelmoralResearch Vessel Assistant
Tish Fox
Tish FoxDiver
Jeremy Deaton
Jeremy DeatonDiver
Mike Johnston
Mike JohnstonBoard of Directors
Wes Gruver
Wes GruverLionfish Terminator

Our Partner Organizations

Below you can find other like-minded agencies that are partnering with Vŏnē Research, Inc. on our Lionfish Education, Management and Control Program. Together we are providing research, conservation, preservation and education surrounding the lionfish invasion.

Vŏnē Research image

Vŏnē Research, Inc.


Diving to Make a Difference!

For over a decade, Vŏnē Research Inc. has served the community as a 501(c)3, non profit organization. We are comprised totally of volunteers who are committed to protecting and conserving our oceanic resources.

Meetup logo

Vŏnē Research Meetup Group

Meetup Page

Join the Vŏnē Research Meetup Group! We are looking for experienced divers to join us in support of our Lionfish Education and Eradication Project. It is the responsibility of all of us to protect the world’s living ocean and conserve its resources such as the coral reef ecosystem.

South Florida Spearfishing Club logo

South Florida Spearfishing Club


Dedicated to the sport of underwater hunting. Committed to the preservation of our underwater environment. Established 1997. We are a group of men and women who hold a passion for the sport of scuba diving, spearfishing in particular. Our goal as an organization is to promote and preserve our fishery.

Cry of the Water logo

Cry of The Water


A 501(c)(3) not for profit organization dedicated to the protection of Southeast Florida coral reefs. Our members and volunteers donate their time and talent to monitor the health of our coral reefs. Our off shore marine environment draws many diving enthusiasts from all over the world and is an important asset to Broward County.

South Florida Diving logo

South Florida Diving Headquarters


If you are scuba diving or snorkeling from anywhere in southeast florida call the South Florida Diving Headquarters.We can accommodate large groups with our spacious 45′ power cats or small private charters on our smaller 34′ dive boat. If you’re by yourself, no problem, we can always hook you up with a buddy on one of our daily dive trips. We have something for all ages & skill levels.

Scuba Tyme Charters logo

Scubatyme Charters


Located at Sands Harbor Marina on the Inter-coastal Waterway in Pompano Beach, Florida, we will see to it that your gear is safely brought on board, equipment is assembled properly, and excess baggage is stowed away securely. Your Captain will brief you on all the amenities on board, and upon arrival at the dive site, you will receive all information about the dive. Snacks and refreshments provided.

Sunstar Aquatic Services logo

SunStar Aquatic Services, Inc.


Scuba Diving in South Florida & Boca Raton. Sunstar Aquatic Services can take you to the off-shore southeast Florida paradise aboard its 30 foot, 15 passenger dive vessel ‘Diversity’ with comfort and ease. The Diversity is wide and spacious with areas aboard for both sun and shade. There is a large swim platform, freshwater shower, onboard toilet, and beverages and snacks.

Pompano Dive Center logo

Pompano Dive Center


The Pompano Dive Center philosophy is one of maximum freedom and adventure within the bounds of safety and consideration for the marine environment. Our PADI 5-Star instruction facility offers a wide range of certification courses for all levels, including a variety of specialties. Discover Pompano Beach Diving aboard the Sea Dog Diver.

Force E logo

Force-E South Florida Dive Center


Florida Scuba Diving and Scuba Certifications with 30 years of Florida experience! We are now a PADI 5 Star learning center. Experience world class scuba diving and snorkeling in Southeast Florida including North Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach and Ft. Lauderdale.