Order:   Scorpaeniformes
Family:  Scorpaenidae
Genus:  Pterois

Pterois antennata:
The spotfin lionfish is also known as the ragged-finned firefish, banded lionfish, or broadbarred firefish and have red, white, and black vertical stripes along their body. The have large, fan-like pectoral fins with tall quill-like dorsal fins. The spotfin lionfish species is found in the tropical Indian Ocean and western Pacific, it can grow to a maximum of 20 centimetres (or 8 inches) and packs a venomous sting. Its typical habitat is lagoons and reefs where it hides during the day and hunts shrimp and crab during the night.

The Spotfin Lionfish have a total of 13 dorsal spines with 11-12 dorsal soft rays. They have 3 anal spines with 6 anal soft rays. They are reddish to tan with many dark bars on their body, and they have median fins with scattered dark spots. They have tentacles above their eyes with long dark bands.  The adults have bluish black blotches near the base of the pectoral fins.

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Spotfin Lionfish, Banded Lionfish, Ragged-Finned Firefish, or Broadbarred Firefish
(Pterois antennata)
The antennata lionfish are beautifully marked with alternating vertical bands of reds, whites, and browns, and are readily identified by their pectoral fins which possess webbing that connects only halfway up the fin ray. This membranous area has one or more dark spots resembling eyespots. The posterior portion of each fin ray is whitish and extends to past the caudal peduncle on the ventral portion of the pectoral fin; each fin ray is independent and not connected by webbing. There are no readily identifiable sexual markings on these fish.