Order:   Scorpaeniformes
Family:  Scorpaenidae
Genus:  Pterois

Pterois lunulata:
The luna lionfish have quite a few common names including dragon's beard fish, japanese lionfish, and poisson scorpion. They are from the Indo-Pacific region from Mauritius to southern Japan. They can be found on rocky substrates in subtropical waters, or at open substrates with remote outcrops of reef or soft-bottom substrates at moderate depths. They feed on fish and crustaceans.

The luna lionfish have 13 pectoral rays and are sometimes confused with Pterois russellii (or Russell's Lionfish). The median fish are almost clear, but become spotted in large adults. It is best identified by the pale-centered scales on the principal dark bands on the body forming a net-like pattern and V-like markings across the pectoral fin rays.
Dead or Sautéed in Butter!
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Luna Lionfish, Dragon's Beard Fish, Japanese Lionfish, and Poisson Scorpion.
(Pterois lunulata)